Cell Surface Stainings/Cell Characterization

Perform basic cell surface staining to quantify receptor expression or to characterize a cell line.

  1. Resuspend each cell sample to 100-200µl *FACS buffer at the following concentration: Mixed populations: at least 1x106 cells total. Stable or transient cell lines: at least 1x105 cells.
  2. Stain cells with the desired conjugated antibodies (usually 5-20µl/test) and incubate for 25min in the dark. If necessary for your assay, keep cells on ice.
  3. After incubation, add 300-400µl of FACS buffer on top of cells. If necessary for your assay, wash cells 2x with cold F ACS buffer and resuspend in 400µl FACS buffer.
  4. Send samples to AVIVA for analysis by flow cytometry.