Ion Channel Cell Line

Ion Channel cell lines:
Convenience and Reliability

AVIVA provides researchers with ion channel cell lines extensively optimized and validated for patch clamp electrophysiology experiments.

Using Sealchip-based high throughput electrophysiology, AVIVA's cell lines have been selected for:

Consistent Channel Expression
Limited Current Runup or Rundown
Robust Pharmacology

Current Cell Lines:
Name Description
CL-C.hERG hERG clonal line
CL-H.hASC1a hASC1a clonal line
CL-H.hCav1.2 hCav1.2 clonal line
CL-H.hERG hERG clonal line
CL-H.hNav1.4 hNav1.4 clonal line
CL-H.hNav1.5 hNav1.5 clonal line
CL-H.hNav1.7(c) hNav1.7 (Cardiac) clonal line
CL-H.hNav1.7(n) hNav1.7 (Neuron) clonal line
CL-H.hNav1.8 hNav1.8 clonal line
CL-H.hTRPM8 hTRPM8 clonal line

For research use only