Ion Channel Screening

Ion Channel Screening Services

Medicinal chemists and toxicologists using AVIVA's in vitro hERG (kV11.1) electrophysiology assay, calcium channel CaV1.2 and the sodium channel Nav1.5 assay can efficiently test compounds for potential cardiac liability. AVIVA's reliable, accurate cardiac profiling of compounds meets the critical needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies with small molecule therapeutic programs. AVIVA's ion channel screening assay can rapidly support medicinal chemistry programs by testing hundreds of molecules per week.

Our cardiac safety panel which includes hERG, NaV1.5 and CaV1.2 offers convenience of multiple channels for rigorous safety analysis, and savings as a bundled service. Our ion channel assay provides comprehensive inhibition data and IC50 metrics.

AVIVA offers flexible solutions for ion channel drug discovery. AVIVA's ion channel screening services are highly customizable to suit your project and therapeutic safety study. We modify our services based on needs of the client in these parameters::

Perfusion Time
Number of Concentrations

We offer the screening services on the following ion channels:

hASC1a hKv4.3
hCav1.2 hKv7.2
hCIC-1 hNav1.4
hCIC-4 hNav1.5
hERG (kV11.1) hNav1.7 (Cardiac)
hGABA hNav1.7 (Neuron)
hKIR2.1 hNav1.8
hKv1.3 hTRPA1
hKv1.5 hTRPM8

Don’t see the ion channel you’re looking for? We also can work with customer's cell lines- providing validation and compound screening data.

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