Sealchip FAQs

Ordering & Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this (transition MDC to ABC) happening?

MDC made a business decision to cease selling Sealchips. As long time partner and manufacturer of Sealchips, AVIVA was able to directly serve the customer base that still values highest gigaohm seal results in automated patch clamp format

I have a contract with MDC, can I transfer it to you?

MDC will serve its existing contracts to a handful of customers, starting January 2018 AVIVA Biosciences will handle all transactions.

How do I order Sealchips from AVIVA Biosciences?

AVIVA accepts orders by email or fax click here (link to order page), and will provide notification and proof of delivery. AVIVA has provided products and services to customers directly for years.

How do I place an order? Do you take electronic ordering? Credit cards?

To place an order, please email moc.o1544964186ibavi1544964186va@sr1544964186edro1544964186, submit by fax to 858-552-9040, or call 858-552-0888

How much is freight?

Freight costs will be $50 for US and Canada, and $100 for International. We also will route your shipment using your Freight Account if provided.

Does AVIVA have any distributors?

We work directly with our customers, please contact AVIVA for order and delivery of Sealchips.

What’s the shelf life of Sealchips?

Sealchips are designed to maintain best quality within 6 months from date of shipping.

What’s the difference between 16K and 16G?

16G is the newer version of Sealchips, both chips perform similarly.

Are these the same sealchips as I ordered before.

Yes. The products are identical.

What are your storage conditions?

For best results store Sealchips at 4C.

Can AVIVA service the PatchXpress instrument?

AVIVA is fully capable to provide service to PatchXpress instrument pending parts availability. Please contact us for more details.

  • 40X faster than manual patch clamping with equivalent results
  • Cost effective solution to high quality patch clamp recordings with ease of operation
  • Achieve very quick gigaohm seals with high success rates