Management & Board

Our Team is dedicated to delivering breakthrough advancements.

Keith Cannon, MBA
Executive Vice President

Keith Cannon has over 20 years experience in life sciences, diagnostics and business. Graduating from University California, San Diego with a BS in Molecular Biology, Keith earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins University School of Business. Keith joined AVIVA Biosciences in September 2014 as Executive Vice President and Director of Sales. Joining a small company focused on applying technologies to cell based diagnostics is very exciting and motivating. Keith leads the company’s dual effort to support ion channel based safety assessment and develop new products and technologies for cell based diagnostics and research.

Keith served as an executive in sales, marketing and strategy at Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Technologies). He led national and international sales teams, serving the University of California system and accounts across the United States and Canada. Keith joined Life Technologies in 1997 as an inside sales representative serving National Insitutes of Health and Johns Hopkins. Mr. Cannon grew his sales territory consistently in California and Utah before becoming District Manager and Director of Sales. A diverse scientific experience includes lab management and independent research at Johns Hopkins University and The Salk Institute for Biological Studies.
Tone Guia, PhD
Vice President R&D and Innovation

António Guia holds a PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Clinical Therapeutics from the University of Manitoba. Tone is currently responsible for all research and device development for all new projects at AVIVA. Throughout his training and career António has continually invented and built new tools to help miniaturize, improve, simplify, and integrate multiple techniques, and then automate them. These include mechanisms for improving and automating fluorescence compensation with temperature control while sequencing muscle stimulation trains with simultaneous measurements of tension, Ca and pH fluorescence, and electrophysiology. At AVIVA, he collaborated on all projects including the invention of the Sealchip voltage clamp biochip, development of the PatchXpress robot and many of the electrophysiological assays that have remained the gold-standard for automated electrophysiology for well over a decade.  During his PhD he used multiple techniques including histology, muscle mechanics, fluorescence, and electrophysiology to profile the cardiac and vascular effects of a small library of amiloride derivatives, under the guidance of Drs Ratna and Deepak Bose. His postdoctoral training was in Biophysics at the Montreal Heart Institute, where he defined the feedback interactions between ICa and IKCa (BK) and elucidated the mechanism for regulating this feedback interaction in portal vein and coronary arteries. Dr. Guia then spent four years at NIH NIA, as a fellow working under Dr. Ed Lakatta, where he further defined the biophysical properties of unitary calcium channels, and their triggering of and feedback from internal release from calcium stores using various transgenic, confocal, and electrophysiological methods. He was one of just a small number of people in the world capable of detecting multiple unitary sublevels of calcium channels under physiological conditions.
Robert Harkleroad
Director of Finance

Harkleroad holds a BS degree in Accounting from San Diego State University. Mr. Harkleroad is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and has over 25 years experience in the controllership of companies. He has experience in both large and small companies and is well diversified in his experience. Mr. Harkleroad joined AVIVA in February 2008 and has been a valued asset to the management team.

Board of Directors

Vytas P. Ambutas - Chairman of the Board
Mr. Ambutas is General Counsel, Secretary and Vice President of Legal and Administration for National Material L.P., a diversified industrial holding company. Mr. Ambutas is General Counsel for Tang Industries, Inc., a diversified holding company that includes industrial, pharmaceutical, furniture and real estate holdings, and serves as a Director of Nacme Steel Processing, LLC, a processor of high strength carbon steel, and Key Colony, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of juice products. Mr. Ambutas previously worked in private practice from 1980 until 1992. Mr. Ambutas has a J.D. from Loyola School of Law, Chicago and a B.S. from Western Michigan University.
Julian Yuan - Member of the Board
Julian Yuan is a co-founder and a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Yuan is also a co-founder and a member of the Board of Directors of AVIVA Biosciences Corp. Mr. Yuan has served as President and CEO of Progressive Group Inc. (PGI) since its inception in 1983. PGI is one of the largest medical device and instrument distributors in Taiwan. Mr. Yuan is an entrepreneur with 22 years of experience in the management and marketing of biosciences products, medical devices and instruments. Mr. Yuan received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Chung Yuan University in Taiwan in 1979.