Automated Electrophysiology

AVIVA's single-use disposable cartridge - Sealchip, has become the industry standard for high content ion channel drug screening. The 16-well version is designed exclusively for Molecular Devices’ highly versatile PatchXpress 7000A high throughput instrument which automates voltage-clamp electrophysiology measurements on 16 individual cells at a time in an asynchronous parallel fashion. We make the robust Sealchip technology available to drug discovery customers for high-fidelity ion channel measurements. The stability of high resistance seal, combined with the low absorption properties, make the Sealchip a preferred choice for electrophysiology based drug screening.

Sealchip Support

For technical support or questions regarding the use of the Sealchips.

Sealchip Background

The first planar voltage clamp electrode capable of recording cellular electrophysiology with the accuracy and precision that can only be achieved with gigaohm seals.

PatchSettings Tutorial

Optimize the PatchXpress Commander settings and cell health to achieve the best possible results on the Sealchip PatchXpress platform.

Cell Isolation Tutorial

Cell isolation tips that may increase not only cell yield, but also cell quality and viability for use with the Sealchip.

Voltage Clamp Tutorial

The basics of electrophysiology—from electrochemistry to ion currents in a cardiac action potential. A primer for the uninitiated, and a review for the experienced.

SealChip Models available via Molecular Devices:
Part# Product Description
590020 16G Sealchip 16G chips, enhanced for CHO cells
590010 Sv1, aka 16K Sealchip 16K chip, the standard used on PatchXpress
590006 BLK Sealchip Blank, used only for PatchXpress calibration

For research use only
  • 40X faster than manual patch clamping with equivalent results
  • Cost effective solution to high quality patch clamp recordings with ease of operation
  • Achieve very quick gigaohm seals with high success rates